Community Wellbeing Champions

The Community Wellbeing Champion project provides an important volunteering opportunity for members of the community, equipping them with training and skills, and plenty of personal development. The project is city-wide and works closely with colleagues at Firvale Community Hub, Flower Estate Family Action, SOAR, Zest, and VAS.

Community Wellbeing Champions are local people with a passion for helping others in the community to improve their own wellbeing, often acting as a first point of support. They are not medical advisers, and will never undertake assessments of any kind, but instead signpost people to appropriate and relevant sources of help and advice.

Community Wellbeing Champions play an important role in raising awareness of key public health messages within the community; this could be through organising coffee morning events, wellbeing drop-ins, setting up specific health support groups, or supporting an individual to access a specific service.

Most importantly, Community Wellbeing Champions are able to listen to the concerns of the community and report these issues back to public health colleagues to enact changes in the community which specifically address problems which are most apparent. This may be concern over housing standards, promoting healthy eating, signposting to mental health services, or passing on information about childhood immunisations. Community Wellbeing Champions are the people to ask…”where do I”, “how do I” and “who is it”… for all health and wellbeing related matters.

The Community Wellbeing Champions are still being recruited for the Sharrow area, so whilst the work is taking place already, we are always happy to train and develop more community-based wellbeing champions.

If you are interested in becoming a Community Wellbeing Champion click here.

Sheffield Community Wellbeing Champions