Holiday Activities and Food Programme

The Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) programme is a project which seeks to ensure that the most economically vulnerable children in our community are supported through access to a healthy meal and good quality activities through the main school holiday periods.

The scheme is funded by the Department for Education and Sheffield City Council under the Sheffield Healthy Holidays banner, and Sharrow Community Forum are proud to be the commissioner for this activity in the Rivelin to Sheaf area of the city. This means that each year we are involved in coordinating everything from street dance classes to yoga days, arts and craft to recycling project and much more – not just feeding tummies but feeding minds too! We do this by working in partnership with up to 30 different community organisation to ensure that money is spent appropriately, and provision is where it is needed. Children who are eligible for benefits-related Free School Meals can access places in their local community, or further afield if there is provision they are particularly interested in.

As well as being a HAF coordinator we are also a provider of activities for the HAF programme. Information on upcoming activities is available below, or call Rachel on 0114 2508384, If you require assistance or would like to find out more.

In some cases children who are not eligible for benefits-related Free School Meals may also be able to access places – please contact Rachel directly to discuss additional eligibility.