Women's Only Aerobics Class

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Women's Only Aerobics Class with Chekere Williams

Aerobics flyer
"Don’t feel shy! We do a fun and energetic warm up at the beginning of all my classes to loosen us up!

After the classes finish, enjoy some refreshments and a chance to have a chat with me about your fitness journey " ~ Chekere Williams, class tutor

Our aerobics class is taught by Chekere Williams who, as you may know, is the Children’s and Families Manager at Highfield Adventure Playground. Chekere’s classes are an enjoyable, unique, and fabulous way to keep fit without it costing any money - and way more fun than attending the gym!

Wednesday’s women’s aerobics class is aimed at local women looking for a community-based cardio workout class. The classes involve completing a full body workout to music and focus on building up cardio fitness, strength, body conditioning and most importantly confidence! Exercises target leg, core and back muscles. This class will leave you feeling energised and motivated and hopefully allow you to feel more body positive! You can take the classes at your own pace, Chekere breaks down each exercise move with lots of repetition.

If you are interested in joining this class, simply pop down at the stated place and time- there is no need to book! Classes are free drop-in sessions that run weekly throughout the year. You don’t need to commit to attending every week, come and go as you please.

If you wish you find out more information about this class you can email Chekere directly via chekere@ sharrowcf.org.uk.